Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Constantly Wonder, Why?...

It’s been a little while since I’ve last written but I assure you that there are good reasons why. Well first off school is getting a little hectic and when things get heated I must set my priorities. Unfortunately blogging is not my number one, so all ya’ll who still follow, thanks for sticking it out while I slave my life away.

University life is taking hold of me and grasping tight. I pull, trying to break free from the stress but it just continues to build. My outside life seems non-existent. I don’t think about relationships, family, work, or anything that should be considered important because I’m spending every spare second reading, writing, or studying.

As far as I know, this semester is going great for grades. I have had everything accomplished on time and I am on good terms with my professors. I have made some pretty neat friends that I sometimes have coffee with and chat about the empirical world, philosophies, or life in general. Other than my university friends, it feels like I’ve lost touch with all of my old friends. Time is so limited, the clock keeps ticking, and there’s always a pile of new work to be done.

I sometimes wondered why I volunteer myself to this as well as pay thousands of dollars. I have to constantly remind myself that it will pay off. It’s only a short term sacrifice and when it’s all over I’ll be a young professional with a university degree.