Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A couple of interesting quotes

"We do not see things as they are; we see things as we are. "

"It is not until every last drop of water has dried up and every last resource has been used that humans realise they cannot eat money."

Apocalyptic Planning

After reading a news article based on information from Stephen Hawking,, I felt hysterical at the idea’s that were put forth. Hawking believes that the world is going to end due to nuclear warfare, natural disasters, loss of resources, or if none of those, then the timeline of the sun.

It’s hard not to agree that eventually our fate as humans is destined to be destroyed, but what Hawking suggests is that humans must leave earth to protect themselves. He suggests that everyone must leave to other planets and solar systems to create new homes in order keep the lifeline of the human race longer than that of the earth.

Even if this was possible, it would only take 50,000 years to transport human beings to the nearest star, Proxima Centauri with today’s technology, predicts Hawking; but that is clearly impossible. Even if it was possible to transport humans around the galaxy to seek new habitats, it would take hundreds of years of evolution to make them able to tolerate the new environments.

Humans have lived on the earth for thousands of years, evolving to suit the changing environments that they are part of. Our bodies are precisely developed to allow us to live with the resources that the earth offers. We breath oxygen which is given from plants, the atmosphere is perfectly suited for us, we eat the vegetation, the animals, and drink the water which sustains the lives of earths inhabitants.

There is no way to determine what resources may exist on other planets, but I believe that with our bodies, we would not be suited to survive without the existence of the earth. Without the earth we would be finished. There is no way we could create technology to transport us safely light years away with the oxygen, food, and water that we need, while seeking new resources. The search for a new home is useless, so let’s all just enjoy every breath of air that we take and accept that the earth is our life support because without it, we are all dead.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Silhouette of Fixiation

Here is a picture that I took today while driving out to my friends house in the country. The scenery was amazing.. there were light beams shining through the clouds across a field and the silhouette of the power lines gave me chills. It was better in real life and hard to capture in a photo with the technology I have.

On the way back there was a light show of lightning colours being displayed on the sky across the field. I pulled over, trying to capture an image of it, but it was difficult to get the proper shutter speeds and my reaction time was to slow. If anybody has any good lighning pictures, please share, I would love to see them.

The Virtue of a Thug

Today, while entering the video game world of "grand theft auto 4", I lived a life of Drug dealing thug. My character is a ghetto city kid from New York and somehow I have more weapons than any normal person would ever be able to carry. When I put them away they don't weigh me down and disappear when I put them in my coat.

I walked out into the street and pulled a man out of his car and threw him out into the street. I stepped into his car and peeled away before he would have a chance to catch me. While leaving I noticed the man trying to follow me on foot, so I decided to get rid of him and eliminate enemies. I backed up, driving over the man, while listening to his boned crush.

After that, I decided to drive my new stolen car as fast as I could. I held the gas, speeding up through red lights and intersections, speeding around cars, and watching the buildings around me start to blur together into a massive mirage.

It was hard to keep control and I drive up a small set of stairs, flipped the vehicle almost sideways, smash into a support beam spinning my car into a 360 degree spin, and two massive flips landing the car straight onto the road.

I was still fine and didn't even have a scratch one me, so I kept driving. While joyriding my car, it started to smoke clouds of burning embers, so I pulled over to let it cool down. When the flames got higher, I started running, listening to the explosion behind me. It threw me forward, nearly knocking me out, but I got up and kept running.

I stopped, realizing I was fine and decided to jump into a canal near-by.

After swimming pretty far out, I tried desperately to grab onto moving boats with attempts to become a pirate and steal them. My attempts were failures, so I swam onto a big rock, and in a rage, fired at random boaters with a sniper rifle. When I had trouble hitting the people that were really far away, I used a rocket launcher to blow their boats to hell.

After a few rounds of random acts of murder, the cops started to catch on. A helicopter was sent, so I used my rocket launcher to blast it out of the sky. I jumped into the water and grabbed a random boat of someone that I had killed.

I made it and started driving as fast as I could, but it was no use, they already had cop boats out. I could hear guns firing behind me. One hit me and the screen turned dark. That was how my life ended.

This is the life that thousands of children are using as an escape. This is the alternate reality that fuel entertainment, while glorifying mass killing. Murder is already a problem in North America, what is the point of making it into a game for kids to play. Children grow up believing that drug dealing, killing, and stealing are normal appropriate acts. It is no wonder the world seems to be getting darker, consciousness is developing a persona of emulated violence.

Using simulation as an example, video games and media play a huge role in shaping our minds and beliefs. I play this game, realising what a terrible nature it had, giving drug dealing, murdering thug a heroic part in a video game. I played it with enjoyment, but something in the back of my head was in fear to what this game is doing to the minds of our future generations.