This is my page of short videos of myself or friends.

This video was taken in Eureka, California. My friend Joash and I decided to stop next to the ocean to fool around with our instruments to try and create a melody.

This is a short clip from my road trip to California with my friend Joash!

It was a warmish winter day and the snow has been falling like crazy. My friend Blair and I decided to take advantage of the fresh snowfall and last couple days of holidays before the overwhelming state of school takes us over again for another semester. We aren’t professionals, but we enjoy it either way. We are broke college students who can’t afford to buy a lift tickets at ski resorts so we made do with what’s in town. Here we are again riding the ‘Mountain Bike Park’ in Red Deer with our snowboards. It was a gnarly day so enjoy the video I put together.

My friend and I decided to take a trip to the far north side of town. In the industrial area, off to the corner, there’s a place blocked off for a mountain bike park that the cities provided. The park is full of boxes and jumps all ranging different experience levels, and during the winter it makes a great place to snowboard. I’m by no means a professional and probably never will be, but the sport itself is a rush and a thrill that makes it very enjoyable. The snow was not great, but we managed to create a decent run out of three bike jumps, one-after the other. It was a great time, just hanging out and riding a session. I had my camera, so I put together a short clip of our day. Enjoy.

Here are a couple of video's from my friend, amateur film creator and snowboarder, Austin Puskas;

This video was created by Austin featuring Jordan as the subject of interest within the film.