Friday, January 21, 2011

No More Resistance

People are versatile, just give them a chance
Even in the worst situation notes seem to dance
Punk rockers want to be your friend and gangsters want to be your bud
Just let things work out and dry up the mud
When everyone is happy, the world can become a place of peace
Most people avoid confrontation, why does the world need police?
Just open your arms to freedom, let ideology exist in the past
Forget simple theoretical solutions; embrace our life while it lasts
When the end comes to finish us, don’t regret the past
Everyone wonders about the unknown, with fear irrationality, and pride
Because their ideas are different, they let our worlds collide
We are all the same inside, acceptance is what we seek
So don’t judge the different, just try to take a peek
There’s more to the world then what you’re parents have told you
Look beyond the homeland, there’s more to what you do
We’re all imbalanced programs, just trying to get by
Let’s help out one another - life can be simple if we try.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

After the Fight

“It seems, uh, too morbid. His parents are innocent in this situation; I would just feel so bad.”

“Don’t. I guarantee you, this is the safest solution. If we don’t do anything than yes, they’ll find us, see us on the street or something and murder us without hesitation. If we get to his parents house first, well, we have control of him and his entire crew.”

“Maybe we should just move and find a new location.” she suggested, not liking my solution.

“We just moved here, we can’t just let these freaks drive us out of town. We came here to escape, not run. Let’s at least find out if it is really him who lives at this location.”

“Okay.” she replied, and she helped me limp home. My shirt was ripped, and I could feel my face starting to swell. My ribs were piercing with sharp pains in every breath. We made it home and I must inform you, there was no passionate moment like I had anticipated.

Trying to Escape

This is an early scene within my story. John has stolen a couple of his dads perscription pain killers in an attempt to blunt his feelings of regret after he cheated on his girlfriend Stacy;

I lied there, letting the music take me away while staring at the ceiling. I became instantly submersed into the music. My mind buzzed, my body felt numb, and something inside of me took over with a pleasant grasp, tearing away every last bit of negativity from my mind and filling the void with calmness. It was a euphoric moment. I didn’t want to move, so I just lied there, feeling a rush throughout my entire body. It was like I had just entered into the heavens, and I then realised that this was the feeling my dad had been addicted to.

It was so pleasant, it felt so pure, and the best part of it was that I no longer felt bad about anything that had happened. This euphoric rush took control, taking me into the music to a new dimension, showing me that there exists a universe of purity. All it takes is a small chemical rush of a pharmaceutical drug to experience it. It was getting stronger every second, pulling me away from reality, pulling me into an abyss. I was unable to experience truth, and in a flash I seen her face. It was Stacy but I was unable to experience her in the full form.

She was in my room I realised. She had to have been, maybe seeing if I was okay? Did she know I was intoxicated on drugs? I didn’t care, she was so beautiful.

I screamed, “I love you! I do I do, I love you!” but the look on her face told me she was unimpressed. She must have known. I knew I should have felt terrible at this moment; but I couldn’t.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Confronted by Death

In this scene John and Jessica are making their way home with anticipation for a moment of passion. Before they make it to the safe confines of their home they are confronted with a past enemy and troubles arise;

A pit of excitement grew in my stomach and I grabbed her hand, pulling her through the crowed. We made it outside in the crisp air and walked quickly, anticipating the moments we were planning to share in our apartment bedroom alone.

“There you are, you little fucker.” said a voice from the alley. One of the thugs that harassed us was back, holding a look of confidence, ready for a fight. The street we were on was dead - it was more of a back road shortcut to our apartment complex, so we were faced with him alone. He reached behind his back in the back of his pants and pulled out a handgun. It looked like it was probably a nine millimetre, but either way, this guy was here to kill me.

It was a terrifying moment, knowing that even if I managed to escape the incident alive that there’d still be the rest of this guy’s gang after me. It brought back the memory of Jason Copperfield, one of the first friends I’ve ever had and the moment I let him slip away. That image of the man running over the train tracks, my adrenaline causing me to outrun Jason, and the view of that bastard cutting him up into pieces while I ran away not doing anything like a pansy. I looked back to see the look of agony on his face, a look of helplessness while he was murdered infront of me - I wasn’t about to re-experience that moment. I would give myself up if that’s what I had to do to make sure that Jessica escaped unharmed.