Tuesday, January 18, 2011

After the Fight

“It seems, uh, too morbid. His parents are innocent in this situation; I would just feel so bad.”

“Don’t. I guarantee you, this is the safest solution. If we don’t do anything than yes, they’ll find us, see us on the street or something and murder us without hesitation. If we get to his parents house first, well, we have control of him and his entire crew.”

“Maybe we should just move and find a new location.” she suggested, not liking my solution.

“We just moved here, we can’t just let these freaks drive us out of town. We came here to escape, not run. Let’s at least find out if it is really him who lives at this location.”

“Okay.” she replied, and she helped me limp home. My shirt was ripped, and I could feel my face starting to swell. My ribs were piercing with sharp pains in every breath. We made it home and I must inform you, there was no passionate moment like I had anticipated.

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