Friday, January 21, 2011

No More Resistance

People are versatile, just give them a chance
Even in the worst situation notes seem to dance
Punk rockers want to be your friend and gangsters want to be your bud
Just let things work out and dry up the mud
When everyone is happy, the world can become a place of peace
Most people avoid confrontation, why does the world need police?
Just open your arms to freedom, let ideology exist in the past
Forget simple theoretical solutions; embrace our life while it lasts
When the end comes to finish us, don’t regret the past
Everyone wonders about the unknown, with fear irrationality, and pride
Because their ideas are different, they let our worlds collide
We are all the same inside, acceptance is what we seek
So don’t judge the different, just try to take a peek
There’s more to the world then what you’re parents have told you
Look beyond the homeland, there’s more to what you do
We’re all imbalanced programs, just trying to get by
Let’s help out one another - life can be simple if we try.

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