Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Driving Conditions

this is the beginning of John and Jessica's moment of triumph when they manage to take Chad as a victim with his own car in an attempt to get revenge;

In the garage we were confronted with Chad’s 06 Ford Mustang. You could tell he had money with the look of what he had done to his car. The rims were chrome silver with low profile tires and it sat low to the ground with a lowered race physique to it. And behind it rests the bare skeleton remains of the car we left behind. No one had noticed, raised any questions, or even found it weird that we had this scrap piece of car we left behind, and all this time there were people coming and going. I stepped into the driver’s seat after forcing Chad into the back. I handed the gun to Jessica and told her to not let it go. Chad had no door to escape, it was only a two door, so we pulled out of the driveway and made out way onto the highway going west to British Columbia.

That next moment turned into a nightmare. All my stinging eyes could focus their attention on was the bright red dials on the car. They formed haloes around my vision, bouncing around vividly as the car moved to bumps. It grew to be complete darkness as night had crept in, and the rain was pouring down in heavy amounts. It was almost as if waves of water were being thrown on the front of the windshield while the wipers attempted to clear the downpour. The headlights of passing vehicles were visible, but nothing was completely distinguishable. I trembled, being new to driving, while I tried to gain control over Chad’s powerful car. The water started to come down mixed with snow making the drive feel like we were cruising through space at light speeds. My knuckles were white with intensity, nervousness, and I just wished I could have handed the wheel over to someone else.

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