Saturday, March 12, 2011

Who's in Charge?

A scene from, "A Step Over the Edge." This is a scene when characters John, Jessica, Chad, Mr Thomson, and Susan all end up in the same vehicle... Ironic? Read to find out.

Scott just nodded and sat in an awkward silence. There was tension in the air, an uneasy fury of emotions flooding the speechless interior of the inescapable surroundings. Scott had no idea what these kids had been plotting, or doing with their feeble lives. It seemed like a century ago when Scott talked with John in his office about going to therapy. Everything was well, or so the psychologist said. He had raised some suspicions at first, but the later sessions were recorded as beneficial, with great improvements, and he believed that the sociopath suspicion was a miss-diagnoses. It didn’t make any sense how such a harmless, good-willed child could just go to such hell. “John, what are your real plans? What have you been up to?” asked Scott, finally gaining the courage to interrogate. He couldn’t just let him run away without any explanation, and most importantly, Scott craved knowledge about his brother. He believed that John had something to do with it, or his demon girlfriend at least.

“Not allot, I just need a change of scenery”-

“You’re such a rotten liar.” Interrupted Chad, “why don’t you tell him what you’re really up to? Try to threaten him with your gun.”

Scott’s eyes were fixed on John and the fear of what he his real intentions were. He was terrified at the thought of being shot, having a lead bullet ripping through his flesh and cracking through the solid structure of bone. He could imagine it, and the fear of powerlessness that overtook him due to the defenceless state he was in. He had just wanted to help them get out of the snow.

“I don’t have a gun,” replied John. He rolled his eyes in denial, but the fear of the thought of being discovered was evident on his face. He gave a dirty stare to Chad and shook his head.

No one knew what to say. Scott thought that if he could put off the thoughts of dying and pretended that he didn’t suspect anything of them, he’d probably be safer.

“I’m telling you man, he has a gun. You should call the cops, this kid will kill you,” interrupted Chad once again, breaking the silence. He didn’t know what he was provoking, he believed John to be a pathetic gutless wimp who would never even be able to kill a deer, let alone a person, even if he had to. Chad had not really taken his situation that seriously, and John was starting to feel he may have to prove himself. Chad didn’t think he was in any real danger, even if John did manage to find a gun.

Scott started to fear his situation even more, and he could tell that Susan was also on edge. He felt responsible for what he had burdened her with, but they were forced to pull through that situation together and try to respond the best that they could. He indiscreetly pulled his phone out of his pocket and held it towards the outside door. He opened it and prayed that no one could see the green glow of the screen illuminating the side of his leg.

“What are you doing?” asked Jessica.

Scott looked back to see her big blue eyes glaring awkwardly at him. “I’m uh,” he stuttered fearfully, “I was just reading a text from my brother,” he lied. The thought of David flooded his thoughts, the memories they had together, and his realisation of loss sparked a sense of hate towards Jessica. John had become the devil because of her, destroying not just his own life, but everyone else’s around him. Scott felt certain that they had been associated with his brother’s murder, and he decided he’d feel safer letting the authorities take care of it, despite his past feelings of hope for John.

“Give me your phone,” she demanded.

Susan stopped the van on the side of the road and turned around. “Don’t you dare talk to him like that,” while she grabbed Jessica around the wrist in dominance.

Jessica pulled her arm violently from Susan’s grasp and glared death into her eyes. She reached towards John’s arms and ruffled through the backpack he was holding. She pulled out the gun, the horrific image of what was to come - it was there for everyone’s eyes to see.

“What are you planning to do with that?” asked Susan in a cocky tone. “Are you going to shoot us?”

“I’ll do what I have to do,” replied Jessica. “Just keep on driving until I say otherwise.”