Friday, June 10, 2011

Why do we chase it? - Continued...

I'm not sure why I went back to this piece but I feel it may be good grounds for my next piece of work. I've added a bit, not much, but check it out if you feel inclined to do so.

(Part 2 - Why do we chase it?)

That’s because I don’t care to flaunt it. I am happy knowing that I can live secure, comfortable, leisurely, and pursue any hobby I decide despite any costs. But I don’t really. I spend most of my time trying to entertain myself but refusing to act upper class. I prefer the company of the middle class so that is what I fit in with. No one needs to know that I have almost one hundred million dollars stashed away in bank databases, hidden cash supplies in multiple places, and so much financial freedom I don’t even know how to handle it. The supply continues to grow although my work has been done years ago. It’s been ten years since I’ve worked in a job setting or even thought about money or how difficult it is for some people to obtain it. It’s been about eight years since I let go of the constant obsession over costs. When I grocery shop I get what looks amazing. I don’t look at the price tag because I often forget things aren’t free. With a quick swipe of a card it’s all mine, whatever I want. I couldn’t spend more than I made even if I tried and there’s almost nothing that I couldn’t buy. Poor fools saving every penny just for that once in a lifetime indulgence like a motorbike or expensive car. So much effort, budgeting, determination for that one object and I’m sure they love it dearly. But I can't love objects. They are just meaningless things. I do what is practical, healthy, and builds healthy relationships. I don’t want to stick out and have someone attracted to me for the wrong reasons. I like what I like whether it's cheap, expensive, free, done by peasants, it doesn't matter. I have money to spend and out of everything I could waste it on I chose to travel, attend university classes, volunteer, and spoil my parents with a massive piece of property fully furnished with it's own private lakefront beach. It's just a bunch of material objects that will one day be waste, but it makes me happy to know I've provided them with their dream life. Seeing others happy is what causes me pleasure. If I could just witness my wealth being used in a meaningful way for others and know it would continue to do so, I’d die happy.

Of course I’d set up my future generation since I do have the means to do so, but they don’t need all of it, at least not at once. They would turn out being useless stuck up spoiled snobs if I handed them all of my cash. They’d never need to work again and they’d have no appreciation for the struggles an average person goes through. I went through the struggle and I know, but those poor kids would never know what hit them.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why do we chase it?

this is a short fictional rant about the division of wealth.

I found that the majority of people dislike what they do. The question I think to all of them is, ‘why?’ I mean why go on wasting your life doing something that you hate doing? I’ll tell you why. It’s because everyone is chasing an ideological meaningless symbol that represents wealth. If you think about it money is nothing. Constant exchange of a number that only exists through the records created on a computer screen. We can spend it through our plastic cards, exchange it for pieces of paper and exchange the paper for other things. It’s a complicated system that’s been developed. The idea that keeps everyone working and attending obligatory misery is an exchangeable medium. What I don’t get is how the idea was put into place and made to work. I imagine ancient animal humans running around through the woods and gathering what they decided was now there’s. When the population started to mature and resources remained scarce there had be some keen folks trying to find a way to unevenly claim a majority of the world’s pleasures without violence or effort. Somehow they would have had to push the idea on everyone they could sucker into it. How would he have decided what should be exchangeable as wealth? There would have to be lots of it, enough to go around, but it also must be something that can’t be easily obtainable or forged. It would have had to be something legit.

Somehow some recent scheme has evolved into the world that we now know. We are in a world where everyone is fighting for a place on the division of worth. I don’t believe that human being can be judged based on the amount of material possessions that they’ve managed to accumulate. If the goal is to needlessly chase more money than you are hardly a person at all. You are a programmed organism of societies development. Because it’s that goal that keeps us doing things we don’t enjoy.

That was my life through college. I barely made it, I had debt but I didn’t want it, it was like a monster chasing me for what I’ve taken. There were the rich kids cruising in their brand new sporty cars all dressed up in the most expensive brands. I didn’t get why labels meant so much to them. Even if they did have money, why waste it on overpriced garbage? It seems like they are trying extremely hard to be rich. Maybe they aren’t even wealthy at all but have a lifetime of debt they will never pay off. I have seen families that struggle to keep up with their perceived status. No one wants to show off failure but in the game of exchange it’s inevitable sometimes. I tried to stay as ahead as I could with tight budgeting and a lifestyle that I’m surprised I lived through. I avoided buying as much as I could. My clothes were torn until they were nothing except scraps of rags. I don’t think I’d ever be able to let myself wear an overpriced label. I hate labels. I’ve lived poor and I know what it’s like but now I’m rich and no one would ever know the difference.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Will Cell Phones Cause Cancer or Evolution?

It’s been announced that cell phones can play in part in the formation of certain cancers including brain tumors. I have always kind of had a feeling that cell phone radiation from incoming calls and signals passing through my body could eventually create some complications and now after finding out this news I’m pretty sure cancer from my cell phone is how I’m going to die.

I have my cell phone on me almost every second of everyday upon waking and most of the time it sits in my front left pocket. Each vibrating text forces an image of a growing tumor in my leg but it is probably just paranoia. I mean honestly how many things around us are emitting carcinogenic waves? Microwaves, cells phones, radio waves, probably wi-fi or wireless Internet for all we know. It’s still a new thing that hasn’t been that greatly explored I’m sure.

As we all use our cell phones to text, go on the internet, speak to one-another, or whatever else a cell phone can be used for, we are feeding the tumors inside of our head. Maybe it will grow and pass on with generations and eventually our tumors will evolve into a telepathic communications with transmitted waves between the enlarged tumors that will eventually find a place on everyone’s head.

An Update + A Rad Video

Since starting full time work I’ve been extremely lazy and unproductive with much fictional writing. I’ve been playing allot of music, most of which doesn’t get recorded so I cannot share it. My novel, A Step Over the Edge is slowly getting edited and put together in a chapter layout but the process is moving slowly. I still hope to complete the official rough draft by September so that I can start looking for a publishing rout.

My plans for this summer include lots of windsurfing, which I still haven’t had an opportunity to do this season, work, camping, and finding somewhere neat to go on a road trip. As the summer progresses and things start to get more exciting I will keep you updated with photos, stories, and media of whatever sorts get produced. I’ve been failing to keep my blog updated but my goal is to change that so don’t fear.

But besides that you should check out this rad video I found on youtube. It is a war scene done with young kids and toy weapons but the daring nature and visual effects give it a controversial darkness that seems to depict true horrors of the world. I enjoyed it so maybe you will too.