Friday, June 10, 2011

Why do we chase it? - Continued...

I'm not sure why I went back to this piece but I feel it may be good grounds for my next piece of work. I've added a bit, not much, but check it out if you feel inclined to do so.

(Part 2 - Why do we chase it?)

That’s because I don’t care to flaunt it. I am happy knowing that I can live secure, comfortable, leisurely, and pursue any hobby I decide despite any costs. But I don’t really. I spend most of my time trying to entertain myself but refusing to act upper class. I prefer the company of the middle class so that is what I fit in with. No one needs to know that I have almost one hundred million dollars stashed away in bank databases, hidden cash supplies in multiple places, and so much financial freedom I don’t even know how to handle it. The supply continues to grow although my work has been done years ago. It’s been ten years since I’ve worked in a job setting or even thought about money or how difficult it is for some people to obtain it. It’s been about eight years since I let go of the constant obsession over costs. When I grocery shop I get what looks amazing. I don’t look at the price tag because I often forget things aren’t free. With a quick swipe of a card it’s all mine, whatever I want. I couldn’t spend more than I made even if I tried and there’s almost nothing that I couldn’t buy. Poor fools saving every penny just for that once in a lifetime indulgence like a motorbike or expensive car. So much effort, budgeting, determination for that one object and I’m sure they love it dearly. But I can't love objects. They are just meaningless things. I do what is practical, healthy, and builds healthy relationships. I don’t want to stick out and have someone attracted to me for the wrong reasons. I like what I like whether it's cheap, expensive, free, done by peasants, it doesn't matter. I have money to spend and out of everything I could waste it on I chose to travel, attend university classes, volunteer, and spoil my parents with a massive piece of property fully furnished with it's own private lakefront beach. It's just a bunch of material objects that will one day be waste, but it makes me happy to know I've provided them with their dream life. Seeing others happy is what causes me pleasure. If I could just witness my wealth being used in a meaningful way for others and know it would continue to do so, I’d die happy.

Of course I’d set up my future generation since I do have the means to do so, but they don’t need all of it, at least not at once. They would turn out being useless stuck up spoiled snobs if I handed them all of my cash. They’d never need to work again and they’d have no appreciation for the struggles an average person goes through. I went through the struggle and I know, but those poor kids would never know what hit them.

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