Monday, June 6, 2011

An Update + A Rad Video

Since starting full time work I’ve been extremely lazy and unproductive with much fictional writing. I’ve been playing allot of music, most of which doesn’t get recorded so I cannot share it. My novel, A Step Over the Edge is slowly getting edited and put together in a chapter layout but the process is moving slowly. I still hope to complete the official rough draft by September so that I can start looking for a publishing rout.

My plans for this summer include lots of windsurfing, which I still haven’t had an opportunity to do this season, work, camping, and finding somewhere neat to go on a road trip. As the summer progresses and things start to get more exciting I will keep you updated with photos, stories, and media of whatever sorts get produced. I’ve been failing to keep my blog updated but my goal is to change that so don’t fear.

But besides that you should check out this rad video I found on youtube. It is a war scene done with young kids and toy weapons but the daring nature and visual effects give it a controversial darkness that seems to depict true horrors of the world. I enjoyed it so maybe you will too.

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