Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why do we chase it?

this is a short fictional rant about the division of wealth.

I found that the majority of people dislike what they do. The question I think to all of them is, ‘why?’ I mean why go on wasting your life doing something that you hate doing? I’ll tell you why. It’s because everyone is chasing an ideological meaningless symbol that represents wealth. If you think about it money is nothing. Constant exchange of a number that only exists through the records created on a computer screen. We can spend it through our plastic cards, exchange it for pieces of paper and exchange the paper for other things. It’s a complicated system that’s been developed. The idea that keeps everyone working and attending obligatory misery is an exchangeable medium. What I don’t get is how the idea was put into place and made to work. I imagine ancient animal humans running around through the woods and gathering what they decided was now there’s. When the population started to mature and resources remained scarce there had be some keen folks trying to find a way to unevenly claim a majority of the world’s pleasures without violence or effort. Somehow they would have had to push the idea on everyone they could sucker into it. How would he have decided what should be exchangeable as wealth? There would have to be lots of it, enough to go around, but it also must be something that can’t be easily obtainable or forged. It would have had to be something legit.

Somehow some recent scheme has evolved into the world that we now know. We are in a world where everyone is fighting for a place on the division of worth. I don’t believe that human being can be judged based on the amount of material possessions that they’ve managed to accumulate. If the goal is to needlessly chase more money than you are hardly a person at all. You are a programmed organism of societies development. Because it’s that goal that keeps us doing things we don’t enjoy.

That was my life through college. I barely made it, I had debt but I didn’t want it, it was like a monster chasing me for what I’ve taken. There were the rich kids cruising in their brand new sporty cars all dressed up in the most expensive brands. I didn’t get why labels meant so much to them. Even if they did have money, why waste it on overpriced garbage? It seems like they are trying extremely hard to be rich. Maybe they aren’t even wealthy at all but have a lifetime of debt they will never pay off. I have seen families that struggle to keep up with their perceived status. No one wants to show off failure but in the game of exchange it’s inevitable sometimes. I tried to stay as ahead as I could with tight budgeting and a lifestyle that I’m surprised I lived through. I avoided buying as much as I could. My clothes were torn until they were nothing except scraps of rags. I don’t think I’d ever be able to let myself wear an overpriced label. I hate labels. I’ve lived poor and I know what it’s like but now I’m rich and no one would ever know the difference.

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  1. Well, for being fictional, this rant certainly hits upon a number of non-fictional problems and idiocies in our present way of doing things.