Monday, June 6, 2011

Will Cell Phones Cause Cancer or Evolution?

It’s been announced that cell phones can play in part in the formation of certain cancers including brain tumors. I have always kind of had a feeling that cell phone radiation from incoming calls and signals passing through my body could eventually create some complications and now after finding out this news I’m pretty sure cancer from my cell phone is how I’m going to die.

I have my cell phone on me almost every second of everyday upon waking and most of the time it sits in my front left pocket. Each vibrating text forces an image of a growing tumor in my leg but it is probably just paranoia. I mean honestly how many things around us are emitting carcinogenic waves? Microwaves, cells phones, radio waves, probably wi-fi or wireless Internet for all we know. It’s still a new thing that hasn’t been that greatly explored I’m sure.

As we all use our cell phones to text, go on the internet, speak to one-another, or whatever else a cell phone can be used for, we are feeding the tumors inside of our head. Maybe it will grow and pass on with generations and eventually our tumors will evolve into a telepathic communications with transmitted waves between the enlarged tumors that will eventually find a place on everyone’s head.

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