Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Trying to Escape

This is an early scene within my story. John has stolen a couple of his dads perscription pain killers in an attempt to blunt his feelings of regret after he cheated on his girlfriend Stacy;

I lied there, letting the music take me away while staring at the ceiling. I became instantly submersed into the music. My mind buzzed, my body felt numb, and something inside of me took over with a pleasant grasp, tearing away every last bit of negativity from my mind and filling the void with calmness. It was a euphoric moment. I didn’t want to move, so I just lied there, feeling a rush throughout my entire body. It was like I had just entered into the heavens, and I then realised that this was the feeling my dad had been addicted to.

It was so pleasant, it felt so pure, and the best part of it was that I no longer felt bad about anything that had happened. This euphoric rush took control, taking me into the music to a new dimension, showing me that there exists a universe of purity. All it takes is a small chemical rush of a pharmaceutical drug to experience it. It was getting stronger every second, pulling me away from reality, pulling me into an abyss. I was unable to experience truth, and in a flash I seen her face. It was Stacy but I was unable to experience her in the full form.

She was in my room I realised. She had to have been, maybe seeing if I was okay? Did she know I was intoxicated on drugs? I didn’t care, she was so beautiful.

I screamed, “I love you! I do I do, I love you!” but the look on her face told me she was unimpressed. She must have known. I knew I should have felt terrible at this moment; but I couldn’t.

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  1. Read some scenes, this is the one that seems the most odd to me. I mean i get it, but there's a very "this is the narration of what is happening in the story right now and these are the characters' feelings and interactions". If the character is high, they have to seem that way, you know, show don't tell. The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test might be a good read to help you get a sense for it. But way to go putting yourself out there like this! Just keep going at it and it'll get smoother.