Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Apocalyptic Planning

After reading a news article based on information from Stephen Hawking,, I felt hysterical at the idea’s that were put forth. Hawking believes that the world is going to end due to nuclear warfare, natural disasters, loss of resources, or if none of those, then the timeline of the sun.

It’s hard not to agree that eventually our fate as humans is destined to be destroyed, but what Hawking suggests is that humans must leave earth to protect themselves. He suggests that everyone must leave to other planets and solar systems to create new homes in order keep the lifeline of the human race longer than that of the earth.

Even if this was possible, it would only take 50,000 years to transport human beings to the nearest star, Proxima Centauri with today’s technology, predicts Hawking; but that is clearly impossible. Even if it was possible to transport humans around the galaxy to seek new habitats, it would take hundreds of years of evolution to make them able to tolerate the new environments.

Humans have lived on the earth for thousands of years, evolving to suit the changing environments that they are part of. Our bodies are precisely developed to allow us to live with the resources that the earth offers. We breath oxygen which is given from plants, the atmosphere is perfectly suited for us, we eat the vegetation, the animals, and drink the water which sustains the lives of earths inhabitants.

There is no way to determine what resources may exist on other planets, but I believe that with our bodies, we would not be suited to survive without the existence of the earth. Without the earth we would be finished. There is no way we could create technology to transport us safely light years away with the oxygen, food, and water that we need, while seeking new resources. The search for a new home is useless, so let’s all just enjoy every breath of air that we take and accept that the earth is our life support because without it, we are all dead.

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