Monday, January 3, 2011

New Discovery

New Scene, Read and Enjoy;

It was all so much. Scott was having trouble trying to take it all in. “We have to find her.” he suggested, expecting that she was still alive.

“How would we do that?” asked Susan.

“Do you know anything she’s in? Like movies or magazines or what?”

Susan just rolled her eyes and thought about it. “Well.” she scratched her chin. “We could look her up. But how will watching a bunch of porn help us?”

“I want to at least know what she looks like, in case I see her or something.”

“I probably shouldn’t do this, but.” Susan started typing the names on a search, “Juicy Josie.” and she searched for pictures. The moderate safe search was on, so nothing too graphic came up, but her face was clear and exposed.

Scott gasped.

“What is it?”

“She she she.” he stuttered. “She went to school here. How old is she?”

She continued reading articles, and media about her, finding out that, “she’s twenty six!”

“This is one fucked up world.” suggested Scott.

Susan just nodded. “Is she still here? Let’s find her and see what happened?”

“She stopped showing up, probably fled whatever scene was going on.” Scott thought about her week presence here, she just stopped coming with no notice or anything. She didn’t return any phone calls. He just thought she moved with her family or something. She said she was seventeen.

“She can’t be that far, she must be alive. Will you help me look for her?” Scott asked.

“I’ll keep an eye out for her.”

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