Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Solution to More Troubles

This is a scene between John and Jessica when Jessica confesses to knowing more than she has led John to believe;

Jessica knew allot more about my friend than I did. She didn’t want to tell me something, something terrible and I thought about what had happened. “I have a thousand dollars in cash from that account.”

“The cash you left in my room? You were going to take me out and not even tell me where that money came from? You are out of your fucking mind; no one gives out money like that for nothing. Did that even cross your mind?”

“A little.” I replied, “But it was only taken out because I was mugged by some guy at gunpoint. He told me to withdrawal all of my money but it could only take out a thousand.”

“How’d you get it back?” She asked.

My mind wanted to say something different but, “I killed him.” I told her.

“What the fuck? I thought you wanted to not go to prison? This nightmare has been tormenting our freedom and you go out and create more complications? You’re lucky you didn’t get shot. What did you do with the body?”

“I left it. There’s no evidence of me.”

“You are going to create a public outrage. We need to find that body before someone else does.” She looked panicked, looking around in the room as if trying to find solutions. “You’re an idiot John, why did you do this?”

“Come on, we’ve killed before, it’s nothing new.” I tried to reason. “I can’t just let someone get away with stealing from me like that.”

“I guess, but I’m getting really scared. I came here to relax, avoid stress, and that’s all I’ve gotten. I just want all these problems to go away so I can relax in peace.”

“Well what should we do?” I asked, not really reacting to the situation how she had been.

“Let’s move. You already owe Chad your life; let’s get him to help us.” She suggested.

“Sure, what are you thinking?”

“New identities, new town, this can all become part of our past.”

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