Monday, April 25, 2011

Waiting - A Start to an End


One moment we were all lounging in the main headquarters of the ship, just floating around in rest. I asked Violet, “What caused your ambition to do this?”

“Are you kidding? This seemed like the opportunity of a lifetime. We get to escape that pile of garbage known as earth. Who knows, maybe we will be the heroes who bring humans to new land? We’re the pioneers of the century.”

“Well I guess we’re not missing much.” I laughed, trying to attract her attention. “I guess all we can do is hope that we will find something amazing. I’ll just stay there and live out the rest of my life.”

She gave me an odd look of distaste. “You don’t care about saving the rest of the earth if we find something habitable?”

“Hell no,” I admitted. “Life is short and opportunities are brittle. I’d rather just coast in peace among myself in a lustrous environment and forget about the rest of the world.”

“That’s complete selfishness. We are on a mission to save the world and you would just abandon your purpose for self satisfaction?”

At the time I thought she was just playing games, but that was my chance ruined. She didn’t like my mindset so she moved her attention to Shane. My attraction wasn’t there for Stephanie and I’m sure that everyone could sense it, so obviously that didn't turn into anything. At the time of Violet and my conversation my mind didn’t think about the possibility of a romantic relationship. She was married, and technically still is, but since we had no communication to earth or anywhere for the remainder of our lives, past relationships didn’t seem to be an issue for sexual relationships. She took that introductory conversation and formed her judgements. Without any ambition to start any kind of relationship with me, she seemed to gain a liking to Shane. He took it as flattering and flirted with her in play and Luke gained a liking to Stephanie. There was one member left out, alone, depressed, with nothing accept an eager attitude for everything to end.

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