Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Everyone has a story. It may not be structured, laid out, or even brought to the consciousness of anyone else, but it essentially existent within the mind that possesses it. The houses lining the bottom of the street beneath my apartment window all have their own story; separate from my own and ones I’ll never know. I’m free to guess based on the actors that submerge from the house, but the chances of accuracy are doubtful. I make inferences and judgments on people based on the vibes that they give me. “Vibes is the word I use for that unexplainable flood of emotions that seems to present us with the aura of a person. I’m sure it can be reasoned in more scientific terms but the spiritual idea seems so much more exciting. I could say that unconsciously by picking up on the body language of others emotions are created based on what we perceive them to be, such as distaste towards someone you think is being deceitful. It makes more sense explained that way but the idea of vibes makes it seem as if we can accurately read people based on feelings, almost a gift from an unknown essence.


  1. Vibes. A term that got invented in the sixties, thanks to Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. A relative of his had a dog, who was able to tell by some uncanny means, the nature of a stranger, be they good or bad. It was explained to him that the dog could sense their vibrations. He then wrote a song about it - Good Vibrations - their biggest hit. But he also introduced a new concept into our lexicon - and the term of picking up someone's vibes was born.
    Just thought that you might want to know.

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