Friday, August 12, 2011

Adventure to San Fran

Dear Readers,

My trip to Cali has been great so far. We stopped in Arcata to search for adventure last friday night and after wandering the town we ended up in the town square. The entire town is pretty much built around this square which we discovered is the heart of the night life around this area. We stopped to sit on a concrete flower bed and were confronted by a girl whom we found out was from Nebraska. She told us that she had been travelling with a group whom she was waiting for and wanted to introduce us when she found out that we were also travellers. When her gang finally showed up they had a grocery bag packed with random food and they started making sandwiches with the random things they bought and shared generously with others around the square. We found out that two of her friends came from Maine on a Uhaul packed with people, a couple of them were from the bay area in San Francisco, and there were a few others that came from other places around America. While chatting with the group a woman carrying an infant walked by and introduced herself. When she found out we were Canadians she told us about a time when she snuck over the Canadian border without a passport to partake in a protest that took place in Quebec.

Later on during the week we stopped in Eureka with our instruments to jam on the pier and while we were playing we ran into the same girl who introduced us but she was with two other guys from Maine. We stopped to chat and they took part in a jam with us and told us some of their crazy adventures. They rented a uhaul with a fake name for a day and ended up using it for a week while they drove across the country to California. None of them had any money so they had to panhandle for cash to fuel their vehicle to keep going. They have been living homeless in California for weeks hoping to create new lives for themselves, find jobs, and become permanent residents but their current lives don't seem easy. We took them to Denny's and Joash bought them some food in an attempt to ease the discomfort of homelessness.

It is now friday and we are planning on making our way to San Francisco. Our trip was almost cancelled when my truck started to act up but I took it into a shop this morning and got it fixed for $130. It felt like a transmission or clutch problem which would have been expensive but luckily it was only a u-joint. That money set us back a bit but we are planning to make up for it by spending tonight in the back of my truck. Tomorrow morning we will be leaving my truck parked and travelling on bike to see the sights of the city. I will keep you updated on the events of our travels.

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