Saturday, July 24, 2010

Young Thrashers Rock the Scene

(This is an article I did for South Shore Music.)

For the last five years, South Shore Music has been guiding children into the dream of performing with rock band classes and camps. Throughout the camps, students ages 8-18 are taken from having a basic knowledge of music and instruments, to being able to work with others in creating harmony among a group.
On Friday, July 23rd, two bands performed in the South Shore music studio, creating a show for family and friends. The bands were set up with a PA system, light show, and amplifiers. The first band, “4 S.A.K.E.” is a family band that had played together for the very first time. The band consisted of Sawyer, Ava, Kalyn, and Emma Schmidt. The second band, still un-named, consisted of Julia and Michelle Swarbrick, Cole Adekat, Andrew Bennett and Jonas Couture. Cole and Andrew are past band members and have been part of the program since January.
The show opened up in the dark, while everybody anticipated the talents that were about to explode from these young musicians. As they played, the lights changed colours, and the melody rang from their instruments, while their family and friends cheered them on. The bands played songs from bands such as The White Stripes and the Nitti Gritty Dirt Band, giving the students a chance to explore different styles of music and methods of playing. The young musicians were explosive with talent and not scared to show the crowed what they were capable of.
Jay G.

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