Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Daily Expressions

Looking around, I am constantly drowned by emotions with the art that exists in every bit of space. Taking in the constant evolution of humans and their need to express is what makes the world a beautiful place. I feel that being trapped in a human body leaves our expression limited. We are all searching for a means of expression and that is the reason that we all incorporate art into everything that we do. Art is all around us, in architecture, music, language, photography, and media; the list is endless.

While working a summer job mowing lawns for the Town of Sylvan Lake, I managed to turn my experience into a form of art. It became a process of strategy, technique, and intricate line work, while I tried to turn every piece of grass into something beautiful. Although it was just grass, I feel that it is within human nature to strive for expression in every task.

Starting with music, I turned the guitar into an expression of feeling, playing with bands, trying to communicate myself within the boundaries of my instrument. It has always been a passion, an obsession even, to search for the art forms that exist. Starting with the art of guitar, I was motivated by music, and the obsession of expression consumed me.

My journey took me to the University of Calgary where I am about to enter my third year of studies working towards a Bachelors Degree. Majoring in English, I hoped to be able to express myself to the world, giving people inspiration, emotion, and a sense of belonging.

After reading many books and being blown away and finding myself disappointed with the movies made from them, I’ve come to love the impact of the English language. It is not just speaking, words, or images of experiences; rather it is someone’s emotions, inspirations, life, and expressions being shared, in the form of word. It is almost as if their mind has pasted itself onto a piece of paper, sharing every bit of the experience down to the thoughts, desires, and emotions.

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