Friday, September 3, 2010

Life Changes

I have finally moved to my new place. School is about to start and my first day mainly consisted of errands. It is an odd feeling to be part of a new city, trying to create a home out of the new surrounding environment. None of my friends are around, so the days feel as if they run on forever.

I got my room set up the way I like it. There is a shelf full of books, CD’s, movies, and other things, placed against my far wall. My guitars and amplifier, completed with an electric drum set, so that I am still able to gain inspiration from playing music. I wish I could have brought my acoustic drum set, but it would be useless with the little spare room that I have, and the neighbour would probably get angry, since it is a duplex.

It’s been nice, having a week off of work before school starts to try and adjust. I went grocery shopping for myself yesterday, buying whatever I thought I’d need for the week while trying to maintain a budget. I’ve managed to save an alright amount for this coming school year, but I’m going to have to pinch and be careful to make finances work out.

My mind is in an odd place these days, trying to accept my new life away from home, depending only on myself. It’s nice, but some things I miss, like being able to eat anything I want from the cupboards that are always packed. This week is probably making things harder, because every day I am searching for ways to spend my time. I am excited to enter the campus life for another year and let the chaos begin.

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