Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Guy You Can't Count On

So in one of my English classes we were put into assigned groups to create a presentation about a short story given to us by the teacher. The presentation must be at least twenty minutes long and incorporate a power point slide as well as class interactions. I was put with some guy that I don’t know and we discussed our ideas and everything seemed cool. It was getting really close to the deadline and I was getting worried that we haven’t worked on it yet, so I tried calling him, emailing him, and I even left a voice mail even though I hate doing that. Long story short, he didn’t pick up or return my emails or calls.

I ended up doing the entire project alone, still not knowing what’s up with this guy because he has missed the last two classes. It took me about 5 hours of work today and I feel great that it’s finally put together, taking that stress off my shoulders, but I hope this guy doesn’t expect to take credit for my work.

You would think that someone paying for tuition fees and setting up their GPA on their permanent transcript would take more pride or concern in their work. Or if he dropped the class couldn’t he have at least been a decent enough person to reply to my attempts to get a hold of him and tell me so. I really hate trying to depending on people.

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  1. This is so frustrating! One of the reasons why I hate group work. Yet,I am in a program where it can be heavily reliant on group interaction.... ugh! I was sick all last week, and I emailed apologizing for my lack of interaction. I felt horrible about it.

    Anyhow, common courtesy would be to get a hold of you. One to apologize, and two if he dropped the class.

    I guess some people do not care about their grades or their fellow group members.

    Bless you for spending five hours to get the work done!