Sunday, October 3, 2010

Is There a Global Climate Shift in Process?

Its fall but the weather seems to be getting warmer. It’s odd in Canada to see people wearing shorts and sun tanning in October. I was called into work to cut grass in parks that are still growing and I overdressed, expecting the air to be nippy and I ended up sweating all day.

The global climate is definitely shifting. Since I can remember the weather has turned into a cold frosty spring during October every year, usually snowing before November, but it seems that gradually every year, winter comes later. Last year we didn’t get snow until the end of December.

I always thought that global warming was bullshit and watching this weather change still doesn’t convince me of anything. The weather is changing all over the world. Last December when we were getting record heat and still no snow, there was record cold spells hitting Florida all over the news. When I heard I knew that something was happening to the world and it almost seems as if there is a global climate shift in a process, adjusting what part of the world gets the most heat, and which parts become cold. Perhaps the earth has been shifting angles or slowly changing its axes.

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