Sunday, September 12, 2010

What Does the Galaxy Form?

The world seems so small and insignificant when compared with the rest of the universe. I think the problem of thinking about the universe is that our knowledge cannot comprehend what it is, or what actually may exist out there. It goes forever as we believe; but the question I want to know is what is it and what are we?

As far as the outside world is concerned, the main source of knowledge is theories of “what if”. So looking into this idea that anyone can come up with a theory of what we are or something to explain what it means to exist, here is mine.

A cell is made up of many different parts that all form the inside of the nucleus. Like a cell, the planets that orbit their solar systems also make up the matter that exists inside of a cell type structure, but at a greater level. Each galaxy is a section of this matter that makes up the universe and each universe is an energy source that forms its own cell like structure.

If earth, being part of what we know to be an infinite amount of planets, stars, and solar systems makes up a mere cell like structure, then we as inhabitants of the earth are barely existent in the reality of existence.

What these cell-like structures form is unknown. It doesn’t matter how much research is done, the world outside of our galaxy will remain unknown because the comprehension of what may exist does not exist within the limits of the human imagination. If our galaxy makes up a single cell then try to imagine the possibilities of what that cell may be part of.

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