Friday, September 10, 2010

Ideological Boundaries

It is surely an odd feeling to realise that all of your beliefs are no more than an ideology. We all hold different beliefs that keep us held together and we all have a different insight that developes our moral obligations. Depending on culture, these ideas may change dramatically. These ideas are even substantially different within people of our own cultures.

I have lived by a guided set of rules that I believed to be a norm, but thanks to a class I am taking in sociology, I realise that I am not even close when related to others in the world. The daily activities that I go about, acting to remain within the social acceptability of my peers is no more than a constructed ideology that applies only within my country.

The clothes that I wear, the way that I speak, the actions that help me define my-self as a properly acting social being is just a product of my social environment. What scares me about this knowledge the most is that there is no possible way to judge if our thoughts or ideas are accurate to how we conceive them to be. We wander life blindly, just trying to conform to the social standard, but everywhere we go, the expectations that people have of us change.

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