Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A taste of the Outdoors

Today, after attending my orientation for school, a friend and I decided to wander some pathways near my house. While making our way through the path, we found ourselves next to the river. We stopped, taking in breaths of scenery that were painted all around us. I went crazy with my camera and took some outdoor shots of the surroundings. We followed the pathway to a dead end in the industrial area of town, after climbing a fence to part of the path that had been blocked off. There were dead trees lying over the path and it had not been taken care of. Here are some pictures of our adventure.

The rush of adrenaline that causes your mind to slow down into single framed thoughts, every beat of your heart, rushing chemicals throughout your entire body, and the tingling sensations of thrill are all products that can be produced from something as simple as a skateboard. My board, is not long, but has bigger wheels than a regular skate. It is shaped a bit larger, and curved to resemble a surfboard. It’s not the traditional style of long board, but it’s the one that I ride and prefer. I’ve come to love the feel of my board.

Every little push, every little bit of momentum that brings me forward; it is done in a smooth glide with style, with a little help from my board and a sense of equilibrium. People who have never tried it can never understand the feeling. It is like a drug, with addicting highs of death defying chemical rushes. It takes me, at speeds of up to 50km/hour through traffic, around vehicles, down any hill that is paved.

With friends the rush can be shared, skills can be challenged; the motivation to go big is increased. It isn’t until I reach the height of my ride, nearly gaining speed wobbles, causing my breaths to increase and my adrenaline to peek, that I feel I have achieved a beneficial ride. The ride will always be there, waiting for me, taunting me.

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  1. I like the vid and the pics too. I also love pancakes. I really wish you'd seen the video, lol. It was funny.

    I also really wish you'd follow my blog and help with my famosity quest. That is all. :)

    Have a beautiful Thursday!