Thursday, September 9, 2010

Life Life Life

A new day with new things, new classes, new people and new professors; it is overwhelming. We have entered into the orientation week of trying to get back into the groove. I am pumped to try for an A+ year and I’ve been working on strategies to maintain a high GPA, but it is taunting to look over the year’s worth of work and try to prepare.

My day overall was pretty unsocial besides one occurrence of possibly making a new friend. It was extremely disappointing to be wandering the halls searching for all my new classes alone, not really knowing anyone, when I strive on socializing.

The schedule system made my Thursdays really long and painful, so today was a day that I just wanted to get through and now it is all over. Well, almost, besides the huge pile of books that I am procrastinating going through.

Not many people around seem to be like me, but then again, it is only the second day. The majority of people here are probably feeling the same anxiety that I am about being thrown into a new environment. I guess there’s still time for things to start looking up, but then again, my new home, three blocks away was nice, especially when I had a two hour break in between classes to waste. I should be studying right now, reading books, writing assignments, but I am writing on my blog. I guess this has become my new journal.

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