Sunday, December 26, 2010

Yet Another Scene,

As I’ve failed to keep you updated with over the holidays, here is another scene from my writings. In this scene, John is being introduced to the life of ‘Chad,’ a friend that complimented on his belligerent behaviour during class. This is John’s first time seeing the depths of Chad’s secret lair. Enjoy,

“Hey Sylvester” he said, petting an orange and white striped one as it purred at his legs. The sight of all those cats made me think of the crazy cat woman that lived down the street from me. She was so stereotypical, old and angry, but she loved her cats. In his room it was a different story. He had a giant flat screen TV, a shelf of movies, video games, CDs, and like three computer towers all hooked up to one another with surround sound speakers.

“Holy fuck.” I gasped.

“You like it? This room is where I escape the world. Or I guess I study it.” He turned on his massive TV, which he used as a monitor and went on the internet.

“Yeah it’s awesome.” I replied

“Hey John, if you could hack into anybodies computer who’s would you hack?” he asked in a curious tone.

“Hmm, well” I thought hard to try and give him an answer. What would I want to hack? I mean, there are so many things that would be awesome. I could change my information; change my grades, or my bank account. What if you could just add a couple of zero’s to the current number of my account balance to make life allot easier? “My bank account balance.” I answered.

“Oh yeah, that would be a good one. What bank are you through?”

“Um, BCE” I replied.

“Hmm” he squinted towards the screen that took up half his wall as if he could barely see it while he navigated to my banks website. “These guys have good security.” He replied. I thought he was just joking, trying to make it look like he was some professional hacker or something. I’m sure he wasn’t professional, but he seemed to know what he was doing. He made the computer go into some weird mode that was all numbers and signs like “<” with a line of words and “>**95673645.aza) 9000” something like that. None of it made sense but he typed things and made it look pretty real. “What’s your bank number?” he asked. There was no chance I’d give a complete stranger my bank information. “You need to tell me if you want your balance changed.” He replied.

“No way! I’m not giving you my account information. How do I know you’re not just going to steal from me or something?” I asked.

“I guess you won’t, but you won’t get a bigger balance either.” He replied. I couldn’t believe it; I mean his house was a piece of trash. He would have tons of money if he really knows how to do what he claimed he could, so I didn’t give it to him.

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  1. Intriguing as always. I'm wondering what other surprises Chad has within that "lair" of his.