Thursday, April 21, 2011

Waiting (Part 2)

Part 2:

"We are all going to die and no one will ever know a thing. We have had to live with this fact for four years while we all wait for our resources to run out. There is nothing heroic about this.”

“Why did you do this?” he asked me. “I mean, how did you ever end up as part of this?”

I was kind of thrown back, unsure how to respond. It was a question I often wondered to myself. “Well,” I started. “I grew up just wanting to be more than just an average person. Seeing simple my family was disgusted me. We are only given one life to prove ourselves and I didn’t want to fall short or blend in. I didn’t have much financial support but using loans and other methods I managed to get my masters in Engineering. I worked for a bit doing work with a team put together to design aircraft's. My main goal was to be an emblem of the world but everything seemed the same no matter what position my masters took me. This opportunity came up and I thought it might be my chance to escape the torture of earth. I was in search of my utopia; something better than what we left behind.”

“We are all searching for something it seems.” He responded.

I nodded, trying to escape the torture of what the last bit of life consisted of. My ambitions had led me into a requiem of prolonged agony. I already knew pretty much every single aspect of Luke’s life already after the four years of being trapped inside of the ship, so communication has become minimal. I knew nearly every single aspect of all of their lives, Luke, Stephanie, Shane, and Violet.

Of course they sent us with an uneven sex ratio. They didn’t think about the fact that we may have to live out the last of our lives on this ship. Violet was the one that seemed to attract my attention the most. She was passive, never looked for trouble, the innocent girl but determined. Her attitude towards life was extremely capturing. I ruined my chance with her and I’ve been punished by being the only person not getting any love from anyone. I had to sit in the small constraints of the four rooms that compose the cockpit of the ship and listen to everyone living out the rest of their lives while they express their carefree passions. Luke was with Stephanie. All he did was talk about how much he missed his wife with her and she still stuck with him. It doesn’t make sense how I could have been the odd one out, my competition didn’t seem threatening when things first started. Not to mention that I was the only one to enter this mission not already married. I should have had first pick.

“My family is going to be so proud of me,” said Luke while taking off from earth when we were in a peak of excitement. We were all seated up like we were going on a rollercoaster ride. It was definitely necessary for all the precaution. It was worse than being stuck to the wall of a gravatron spinning ride at the fair, except you don't get that spinning sickness feeling. It was exhilarating seeing the world turn into nothing more than a speck of existence. That’s all it was, a speck of existence, a small speck of inhabitable space within the entire universe. The planet our mission was to reach was called A48RMO. Retarded name I know but it was put together as a map of its location to help locate it's position from earth.

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