Friday, December 17, 2010

Blogger's the Imformation Seeker

I meant for this to somewhat be a satire dealing with the whole idea of blogger and Google. John and Jessica are discussing plans to attempt to find a way clean out of their situation in this scene. This is one of my favourite parts in my story,so I really hope you do enjoy it.

“That’s what we’re doing.”

“On a laptop?” I asked.

“Yeah - Where else could we find information to dispose of two bodies?”

This girl was smart. I thought maybe we did have a chance. Who better to seek information from then the other psycho’s on the internet? There’s nothing you can’t find on Google. She searched the words, “how do you dispose a human body?”

The searches were endless. I went through page after page weighing the consequences of every idea that could be posted.

I found a random blog page with everyone’s ideas and this is what sparked the creativity.

The first one read,

“Place the body in a bunch of ammonia and let it chill out until it is completely dissolved. You should cover it in plastic so that the smell doesn’t make it to your neighbour’s house and raise suspicion. Place bowls of baking soda around the bathroom, use air fresheners. Be careful all of the parts are dissolved enough that they won’t back up the sewer system. That would be a sure way of being caught. When you get it completely drained, that’s it, you have a body gone from the face of the earth.”

Only if it was that easy I thought. I needed more ideas so we kept searching through but nothing but basic ideas from people who have obviously never been in the situation. One finally caught my attention.

“The hardest part of disposing a body is trying to not raise any suspicion when doing it. If you’re out in your backyard digging a hole, someone is going to notice. Try dissolving it and not have the stench of chemical and decomposing flesh seep into your neighbours or anyone else’s senses. The best way to get rid of a body is to slowly transport it piece by piece. It’s allot easier to dig a hole big enough for a hand or a thigh without anyone raising any suspicion then it is for someone to bury an entire body. If someone’s dog digs up an entire body, you’re busted. If it digs up a finger, it’s a likely chance it will be mistaken for an animal or eaten before it could even get a chance to be seen...”

The descriptions went on for another four paragraphs giving in depth detail about what I needed to do. It sickened me to know that that situation was common, but the knowledge was definately useful.

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