Saturday, December 18, 2010

Desire for Vengeance

This is a scene between the characters Scott/Mr. Thompson (the principle of John's school) and Linda (Scott's wife). Within this scene, Scott is venting to his wife about the vengeance he strives to seek against his brothers murderer.

“Are you joking?” he asked, “You know what will happen if I let the justice system take care of it?”

She just looked at him with her mouth open unable to speak. She muttered, but felt silenced by the lump that seemed to be lodged in her throat.

He burst out, “They will do nothing or at the worst he might end up in a government paid vacation center. They feed them, give them free classes, take them for walks, give them gym equipment, they probably all become best friends, it’s a joke of a punishment is what it is. I’m going to get vengeance on my brother’s murderer if it’s the last thing I do, even if I have to die for it.”

Linda looked up at her husband’s behaviour and struggled not to cry. She was terrified at the anger that he possessed, the lengths he was about to take, she couldn’t imagine her husband not being with her and she didn’t want to lose him. “You can’t do that Scott.” she cried, “Please just don’t.” She looked at him in the eyes to judge if he was actually thinking about it or not. He looked emotionless except for a movement in his eyebrows that made him almost look like he was possessed. “You don’t even know that he was murdered!”

“It’s been almost two weeks and he hasn’t shown up yet, probably because someone tried to cover up their murder. I’m going to find out who murdered him and I will find them.” he reassured her.

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